Yenton Primary School, Chester Road, Erdington, Birmingham

Chester Road, Erdington, Birmingham, B24 0ED
Tel: 0121 464 6588

School Times

  Reception KS1 (Infants) KS2 (Juniors)
School Commences 8.55am 8.55am 8.55am
Lunch 11.45am to 1.00pm 12.15pm to 1.15pm 12.20pm to 1.15pm
School Finishes 3.20pm 3.25pm 3.30pm

Morning school commences at 8.55am when the bell is rung and finishes at 12.15pm for the Infants (KS1 = Years 1 and 2) and 12.20pm for Juniors (KS2 = Years 3 to 6).

Afternoon school commences at 1.15pm for all. Infants finish at 3.25pm and Juniors at 3.30pm.

On wet days all children are allowed to wait in their classrooms from 8.45am with the class teacher.

The Reception children commence at 8.55 am and finish for lunch at 11.45am. They will commence the afternoon at 1.00pm and end their day at 3.20pm.


Regular attendance is very important, as vital learning time can be lost through absence. Rewards are given for excellent attendance.

If absence is unavoidable, please send a letter to school indicating the reason for this, or a telephone call before 9.30am if a note cannot be sent that day. Unauthorised absence is recorded by computer and is published by the Government.

Children can only attend medical appointments during the school day in exceptional circumstances or with the appointment card being provided. It is expected that children attend such appointments after school.

In the last three years, our attendance has gone from 92.7% in 2010 to 95.6% in 2013/14. A huge success.