Yenton Primary School, Chester Road, Erdington, Birmingham

Chester Road, Erdington, Birmingham, B24 0ED
Tel: 0121 464 6588

School Staff

Name Title/Responsibility
Mr S Taylor Executive Headteacher
Mr P Smith Headteacher
Ms E Berriman Deputy Headteacher, Safeguarding Lead, Pastoral Co-ordinator
Mrs K Bailey Deputy Headteacher, Assessment Lead, Curriculum, ECT Induction Lead
Mrs V Murray Assistant Headteacher, Inclusion Team - BECO/ SENDCo
Mrs M Vadgama Assistant Headteacher, EYFS and Year 1 Phase Leader
Miss E Gravell EYFS Teacher
Miss S Begum EYFS Teacher
Mrs N Davies EYFS/Y1  Teacher
Mrs C Stamp Year 1 Teacher, Year Group Lead
Miss C Fielding Year 1 Teacher
Miss A Ketteringham Year 1 Teacher
Ms K Howell Year 2 Teacher, Year 2 and Year 3 Phase Leader, ECT Mentor
Mrs D Breen Year 2 Teacher
Miss J Alexander Year 2 Teacher
Miss B Harris Year 3 Teacher, Year Group Leader
Miss K Grice Year 3 Teacher
Miss A Slade Year 3 Teacher
Mr S Devaney Year 4 Teacher, Year Group Leader
Miss M Wheeler Year 4 Teacher
Miss L Messafer Year 4 Teacher
Mrs J Marnell Year 5 Teacher – Years 4 and 5 Phase Leader, ECT Mentor
Miss E Jacks Year 5 Teacher – Maths Lead
Miss A Samha Year 5 Teacher
Mrs L Hillman Year 6 Teacher, Year 6 Phase Leader/ English Lead, ECT Mentor
Mrs A Brennan Year 6 Teacher
Mrs C Engers Year 6 Teacher
Mr N Stamp Year 6 Teacher
Mrs C Pattinson PPA Teacher, Induction Lead
Ms H Dass PPA Teacher
Mrs L Carn Learning Support, Lead SENDCo
Mr S Kaul Learning Mentor
Mrs B Madigan Inclusion Team - Speech and Language
Mrs N Owen School Counsellor
Mrs R Symonds Forest School Lead
Miss S Broadmore Teaching Assistant
Miss C Colvin Reception Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs R Partridge Reception Teaching Assistant
Miss S Hanno Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Wigley Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Wallin Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Butters Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Cooksey Year 2 Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs T Sullivan Year 2 Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs P Matthews Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Smith Year 3 Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Miss H Humphries Year 3 Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs T Faizey Year 4 Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Miss L Edwards Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Mateos Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Carter Year 5/6 Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs C Williams Year 6 Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs N Rafique School Business Manager
Mrs M Woodcock Office Manager
Mrs F Arnold Senior School Secretary
Miss B Harrison Administration Assistant
Mr R Carroll Site Manager
Mrs L Jay Senior Cook
Mrs S Baig Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

If you would like to talk to Mrs Murray or another member of the Inclusion team please contact the school office to arrange a meeting at a mutually agreeable time.