Yenton Primary School, Chester Road, Erdington, Birmingham

Chester Road, Erdington, Birmingham, B24 0ED
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Acknowledgements to Ian Petticrew for the use of this image from his website on the Chartist, Gerald Massey.
Mason's Orphanage.

The roots of Yenton are very interesting and can be traced back to the 19th century although the present building dates from 1954.

Yenton started life as a school for girls, who were taught household and domestic duties. It was part of Josiah Mason's orphanage, built in 1858 to house thirty homeless children.

It was enlarged to include boys in 1874. Capacity grew to accommodate 350 boys, girls and infants.

In 1922 it became a Public Elementary School with 320 children. The infant department closed in 1925 because of illness. Reorganized in 1947 as a Junior and Infant School, it was transferred to Birmingham City Council and in 1950 became known as Chester Road County Primary School.

The name became Yenton in 1952 and a new Junior boys' and girls' block opened 1954. The Infant department remained in the old premises for a few more years before also transferring to the new infant building adjacent.

As you can see Yenton's existence and siting owes a lot to Josiah Mason, who was a Victorian philanthropist whose generosity enabled destitute children to be housed, educated and looked after.

There is much to read about Josiah Mason. If you are interested we suggest you start your information gathering at the History of Birmingham's Yenton page (external link).

The orphanage stood where Goodison Gardens is now and parts of our perimeter wall in the playground are evidence of our historic link. For those of you interested, the name 'Yenton' is derived from Eardredingtun and was the Anglo-Saxon settlement of 'Eardred's people's farm'. It then evolved into Hardintone and then equally into Erdington and Yarnton, later Yenton.

Fascinating stuff!