Yenton Primary School, Chester Road, Erdington, Birmingham

Chester Road, Erdington, Birmingham, B24 0ED
Tel: 0121 464 6588

Aims and Values

Our Vision

Our Vision at Yenton Primary is to develop:

  • A lifetime enjoyment for learning,
  • Self-worth and confidence,
  • Responsible citizens who contribute positively to society,
  • Independent thinking and creativity.

We also have a clear idea of what entitlement everyone deserves, what the school should offer and aspire to. This vision included discussion with children and also consultation with parents and Governors:

Our Aims

Yenton Primary, in partnership with home, aims to:

  • Promote the spiritual, moral and cultural development of children, including an understanding and appreciation of the various ethnic minority groups who make up our society.
  • Enable children to acquire knowledge of their environment from a scientific, historical and geographical point of view.
  • Develop the thinking process and learning skills which will enable the child to take control of their learning.
  • Provide a variety of teaching styles and strategies to engage and motivate all children.
  • Give children the opportunity to evaluate their own learning through sharing expectations, objectives and setting future targets.
  • Provide an all inclusive curriculum incorporating enjoyment, experience and opportunity.

Our Values

Yenton is a safe and caring environment and this is evident within the atmosphere of the school. Children are happy, staff are caring and friendly (but firm when required). We maintain our expectations and ethos through five key values, which are explained in more detail in the below document:

When in school, children are given the opportunities to grow emotionally, physically, mentally and educationally. This is achieved through careful expectations (eg. rarely will you hear staff shouting at children, but children have rules explained to them calmly). Staff role model - they dress appropriately, walk around the whole school calmly, encourage, support and talk with respect and tolerance towards everyone.

Through modelling, we ensure children leave Yenton enriched, well-rounded and happy. Important life skills are taught (bikeability, swimming to 25 metres, e-safety, first aid, residential and caring for yourself, handling your emotions) and constantly reinforced through circle times, PATHS project, assemblies, awards and responsiblities.