Yenton Primary School, Chester Road, Erdington, Birmingham

Chester Road, Erdington, Birmingham, B24 0ED
Tel: 0121 464 6588

Dinner Menu

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Every Friday is Pizza Day. If your child has sandwiches and would like to have pizza on Fridays, please send £2.10 per Friday (or the appropriate amount for the half term) in an envelope with your child's name on Monday.

'School dinners are £2.10 per day and £10.50 per week.

Free School Meals

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 qualify for Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM). However, if your child would be eligible for Free School Meals (independently of the UIFSM), it is important that you still inform the school office as this has an impact on our Pupil Premium funding Allocation

If you believe your child qualifies for Free School Meals please let us know, even if you do not wish to partake in the school meal or are part of the Universal free school meal scheme, since this has an impact on our Pupil Premium funding allocation.

Our Current Menus

Our school offers a multiple-choice menu which rotates every four weeks.

Menu 1 w/c Menu 2 w/c Menu 3 w/c Menu 4 w/c
- - 11 April 2016 18 April 2016
25 April 2016 2 May 2016 9 May 2016 16 May 2016
23 May 2016 - 6 June 2016 13 July 2016
20 June 2016 27 June 2016 4 July 2016 11 July 2016
18 July 2016